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Recently, we have seen a rise in the amount of Tampa Bay area residents being accused of Public Assistance Fraud, also known as Welfare Fraud. It is our belief that during the recession, many people relied on government assistance to make ends meet. Now, the Florida Department of Financial Services is investigating people whose applications seem suspicious. What makes matters worse is that now, many people have new jobs in fields where they could be fired for even an arrest for a fraud charge – making it imperative that we get the charges dismissed or prevent them from being filed whatsoever.

Typically, a client will call us and tell us that they received a call from DCF or a contact letter from Florida Department of Financial Services. When this happens, we advise the client to give us the name and phone number of the investigator so that we may set up an appointment for our firm to meet with the client and the investigator together. We can then review the evidence with the investigator and request that the client be permitted to enter either 1) a diversion program or 2) resolve the matter civilly, with the client paying restitution for any benefits received while ineligible, preventing the case from ever being filed (meaning, no arrest is ever made!)

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