Are Bath Salts Legal in Florida?

There is a new drug being used and abused across the nation called “bath salts.” Over half the County now makes the use and possession of these salts illegal, and Florida is no exception. In January of 2011, Attorney General Pam Bondi issued an emergency order making it a felony to sell or possess the salts. Bondi was backed by FDLE and other law enforcement agencies due to the fact that the salts are extremely dangerous and have landed people in the hospital and jail for everything from “clawing themselves to pieces” to stabbing a priest.

This drug is dangerous for your body and mind and can land you in jail. If you have been using bath salts, it is important that you seek counseling today and stop using the drug. If you have a legal issue related to this drug, call us today at Taracks & Associates – 813-281-2897. One of our lawyers will provide you with a free consultation and will help you understand your rights and responsibilities. Please, be safe and stop using these drugs immediately. If you have a health concern, please call 911. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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