Is Sexting a Crime in Florida? We Can Help You Understand.

Technology is evolving daily. With improvements in computers and cell phones, sexting has become very prevalent in society today. In Florida, sexting may be considered a crime if committed by a minor. Under Florida statute, a minor may face penalties for sexting, ranging from a noncriminal offence and community service hours, a misdemeanor in the first degree, or a possible felony in the third degree.

Sexting is a fairly recent term and the Florida statutes have broken down the elements. Because sexting involves minors, the Florida legislature has enacted the statute to be classified under obscenity, instead of child pornography. Child pornography involves the possession or distribution of pictures or videos of those under the age of 18 committing sexual acts. For sexting, a minor must knowingly use an electronic device to send a nude picture or video to that of another minor, or, to possess a picture or video that is harmful to another minor. There are a few exceptions within the statute that allow for these elements to be met, but to provide a defense to the crime.

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