I Received a Letter that I am the “Target” of a Federal Grand Jury Investigation. Do I Need a Federal Criminal Lawyer in Tampa?

Have you received a letter informing you that you are the target of a federal grand jury investigation? The US Department of Justice for the Middle District of Florida may be prepared to proceed before a federal grand jury to seek charges against you. A Federal Grand Jury is a panel of people who hear evidence that the United States of America has against you and determine not whether or not you are guilty, but whether or not charges should be filed against you in the form of an Indictment. In these hearings, the Government will introduce the evidence it has against you without being restricted by the Federal Rules of Evidence. This means that the Government will be able to introduce almost anything it has against you – including hearsay testimony and tangible evidence that might otherwise be inadmissible at trial. You are not allowed to present evidence to defend your case.

If you have received a letter informing you that you are the target of a Federal Grand Jury investigation in the Middle District of Florida you must act immediately – the United States Federal Government is building a case against you and may be filing charges very soon. The attorneys at Taracks & Associates are former prosecutors who handle all Federal criminal charges. We will help you contact the Assistant United States Attorney assigned to your case prior to the Federal Grand Jury investigation and try to resolve your case before charges are filed. If an indictment is filed, we will use our knowledge and experience as former prosecutors to fight for your rights and freedom. Please call us today 813-281-2897 or visit our website at www.theadvocateforyou.com.

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