What is an Injunction?

In the state of Florida, laws exist to protect individuals that may become harmed or harassed by another individual. In many circumstances including domestic violence, you can seek protection under the law from another person or group of persons in the following manners:

  • Order the abuser to stay away from your home, your work, etc.
  • Order the abuser to not contact you, directly or through a third party
  • Order the abuser to stop abusing you;
  • Tell the abuser to leave you alone;
  • Order the abuser to leave the home you share with him/her;
  • Give you temporary custody (known as 100% of the time-sharing in a temporary parenting plan) and limit or prohibit the abuser from time-sharing (visitation) of your children or have those visits supervised by a third party
  • Give you temporary child support or spousal support
  • Order the abuser to go to treatment, counseling, or a batterers’ intervention program, which the abuser has to pay for

This protection would be obtained by seeking an injunction, also known as a restraining order. An attorney can file for an injunction in many situations, including but not limited to those mentioned above. By seeking an attorney to file for an injunction, you can alleviate many of the related factors that contribute to you being placed in danger or discomfort. Contact us today if you or someone you know has any questions regarding the filing of an injunction or “restraining order.” Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys are happy to consult free of charge to better assist you in obtaining the proper knowledge or filing for an injunction to protect yourself.

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