What is a “Withhold of Adjudication”?

What is a “Withhold of Adjudication” & what does it mean?

  • A withhold of adjudication in Florida means the court gives a person a break by not convicting one of a criminal charge. It allows most first time offenders to avoid admitting they have been convicted of the charge for which they were arrested on.

Can a person only receive a withhold of adjudication as to misdemeanor crimes?

  • In Florida, a person can avoid a conviction for misdemeanors as well as felonies.
  • While every case is different and certain crimes are prohibited from receiving such treatment.
  • Call to see if it can be applied in your case or email us at btaracks@theadvocateforyou.com

Why does it matter if I can avoid a conviction of guilt?

  • The consequences of a conviction can be far reaching. For example:
  • If it is a felony conviction one can no longer vote, hold public office, or legally possess a firearm
  • If it is a misdemeanor it can result in the loss of a concealed weapons permit, result in a driver’s license suspension, or even be used as an attack on your credibility in a court of law.

Finally, avoiding a conviction can have a positive impact when it comes to career opportunities, educational opportunities, & even housing opportunities.

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