Two Sisters Riding in One Car Both Busted for DUI?

How is it possible for two sisters – riding in the same car – to both end up charged with DUI? Well that is just what happened in the Florida Keys this week.

An officer followed the vehicle, driven by one sister, for a few miles before stopping the driver for a traffic infraction. Upon being stopped, the girls attempted to switch seats (presumably so that one sister could “take the rap” for the DUI) which required the officer to charge BOTH with DUI. In Florida, a driver must simply be in “actual, physical control” of a motor vehicle in order to be charged with DUI. Thus, even though the “second” sister never drove, she was in violation of Florida’s DUI law.

One of the sister refused to provide a breath sample; the other provided a sample of .12. The legal limit in Florida is .08.

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