How to File an Injunction Against Repeat Violence

In Florida, several types of injunctions are available for personal protection. One type that is available is an injunction against repeat violence. In order to obtain an injunction of this nature, you will need to prove to a Judge that you were the victim of two or more acts of violence. Violence can include a battery, threats, stalking, and several other acts. A repeat violence injunction is appropriate if you were not married/living with the aggressor and you do not have children with the aggressor.

Procedurally, the first thing you must do is fill out a petition for protection and submit it to the court. Once submitted, a Judge will review your petition and grant or deny a temporary injunction within 24 hours. That temporary injunction will be served on the other party and he or she will be required to stay away from you, your place of employment, your home, and/or your children and family for approximately two weeks while a final hearing is pending. At that final hearing, you will go before a Judge and will be able to testify as to what happened and what sort of protection you are seeking. You will need to show two or more independent events, one of which occurred within the last six (6) months.

Obtaining an injunction can be difficult. Often times, the other party will lie or deny the allegations, making it difficult for you to prove to the Judge that you are actually a victim. Other times, you will have a difficult time submitting certain types of evidence if you are unfamiliar with the Florida Evidence Code. If your petition is denied, the other party will be free to contact you and come to your home or office or even contact your family. Therefore, it is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to help ensure your petition is granted.

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