Examining the New Rise in Heroin Abuse

Recent changes in the administration, control, and prescribing requirements of opioid pain medications have produced adverse effects for those who become dependent on using pharmaceutical drugs such as Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Roxicet. Although the FDA warns the public about general safety issues with the entire class of opioid pain medicines, an overlooked area of risk exists for habitual opioid users when faced with the burdensome battle of withdrawal, and overcoming the habit and detoxification (“detox”) symptoms. Faced with these problems opioid users are more commonly resorting to the use of others drugs, particularly heroin, to cope with their addiction and detox symptoms.

Due to the rise of opioid abuse and the rising trend of opioid users seeking out heroin, law enforcement agents have been aggressively cracking down on the trafficking, possession, and use of these drugs, resulting in a stricter enforcement and higher arrest rate for drug related charges. Florida lawmakers have also taken an aggressive approach to deter opioid and heroin use and trafficking mandating harsh sentencing guidelines for individuals who are facing a charge of possession of heroin. Under Florida State Statute 893.135, an individual accused of possession of heroin can be charged with anywhere from a third degree felony to a first degree felony.

At Taracks & Associates we want you to know that even small amounts of these types of drugs found on an accused can result in jail time and severe court fines, taking away your freedom and damaging to your future and career.

If you are facing criminal charges in connection with the sale, purchase, manufacturing, delivery, or possession of heroin, you are entitled to defenses. Do not fall in to the trap of being another defenseless defendant. At first glance it may appear that there are no options left for you, but do not be alarmed—there are defenses available to you!

Through the help and counsel of an experienced criminal attorney, you can exercise multiple strategies, possibly leading to an acquittal, or favorable outcome such as having the charges dismissed, dropped, or reduced by mitigating factors. Here, at Taracks & Associates, we have experience defending against a charge of heroin or drug possession, utilizing defenses such as unwitting possession, lack of possession, and police abuse of power (i.e. the entrapment defense).

To learn more about your options and your rights, contact Taracks & Associates at (813) 281-2897. An experienced attorney will answer your call and assist you through this process.

Additionally, if you or a loved one needs help, you are not alone. Heroin rehabilitation programs provide effective treatment and support for people addicted to heroin, and by seeking help at the right time and through the help of counsel, you can boost your chances to avoid a drug charge. Comprehensive heroin rehab programs are offered in a number of treatment settings, including both inpatient/residential and outpatient programs for heroin or other opioid drugs that include a detox program at the start of treatment. While the focus will be on the person recovering from addiction, heroin rehabilitation facilities also offer support, help, and understanding to the friends and family of the individual in treatment.

If you or a loved one are in need of help, do not hesitate to contact Taracks & Associates for a referral to a reputable program that can assist you with your needs.

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