Plant City Man Charged with DUI Manslaughter

A Plant City man was arrested for his involvement in a tragic car accident that occurred on March 6 , TBO is reporting. The man was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes of SR 60 in Plant City when he struck a Toyota being driven by Ms. Sayeeda Quade. Ms. Quade’s passenger, Shawn Quade, died as a result of the impact. The driver’s passenger, Saul Gregorio-Daniel, also died as a result of the crash. The driver has been charged with DUI Manslaughter, DUI involving serious bodily injury, and DUI property damage.

When someone dies in a car accident it is always tragic. When alcohol is involved, the accident becomes even more tragic as the accident may have been avoidable. These stories sadden our community and worry us – with over 5,000 DUI’s in Hillsborough County alone each year, it is fortunate that we don’t hear about these situations more often.

Florida law has extremely harsh penalties when a death occurs as the result of a drunk driver’s negligence. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI Manslaughter it is imperative that you contact a Tampa DUI lawyer today. In DUI Manslaughter cases penalties often include fines, paying large sums of restitution to the victim, and lengthy Florida State Prison sentences. It is important that you contact an experienced Tampa DUI Manslaughter Attorney. An experienced Tampa DUI Manslaughter Lawyer will help you mount a defense against the States charges and help you prepare for the lengthy oncoming legal proceedings that will take place. Act today – the State of Florida is building a case against you as you read this.

The Tampa DUI lawyers at Taracks & Associates are former state prosecutors with the experience and knowledge to help you defend yourself against these charges. We have handled many DUI Manslaughter cases and are experienced in all aspects of the criminal proceedings that you will be going through. Call us today for a free consultation – 813-281-2897. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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