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Have you been charged with a federal criminal charge in Florida? At Taracks & Associates,we can help you. We are federal criminal lawyers in Tampa, Florida. In a federal criminal case the case begins with an investigation taking place. Once the investigation is completed an arrest can occur, or the case could go to a grand jury. A grand jury would determine if an indictment should be filed and the criminal federal process begins. The first thing after an arrest or indictment is to determine if an individual is entitled to a bond, and the amount of the bond. It is very important to have competent representation at this hearing to ensure your freedom during the lengthy federal criminal procedure. If you are indicted on a federal crime in Tampa, the next step is to set up a status conference and begin preparation for a trial. Sentencing guidelines in federal cases are completely different than in state court. Guidelines will determine the minimum and maximum sentences you could receive from a court. Discovery is very limited in federal criminal cases.

THE GUIDELINES determine sentences based primarily on two factors:

1. The conduct associated with the offense (the offense conduct, which produces the offense level.)

2. The defendant’s criminal history (the criminal history category.)

The Sentencing Table in the Guidelines Manual shows the relationship between these two factors; for each pairing of offense level and criminal history category, the Table specifies a sentencing range, in months, within which the court may sentence a defendant.


There are 43 offense levels. The offense level of a defendant is determined by looking up the offense in Chapter 2 and applying any applicable adjustments. 2-3 levels can be reduced by accepting responsibility.


There are six criminal history categories. Each category is associated with a range of criminal history points . 3 points for Felonies (state Court) 2 points for 1st degree MM. 1 point for 2nd degree MM. 2 points if the offense is committed within 2yrs of prev. offense.


There are four sentencing zones: A, B, C, and D. Zone A consists of sentencing ranges of 0 6 months. Zone B consists of sentencing ranges above Zone A but with a maximum penalty of no more than 12 months. Zone C consists of sentencing ranges about Zone B but whose minimum penalty is less than 12 months. Zone D consists of sentencing ranges above Zone C.

Departures are allowed in cases involving substantial assistance to authorities


Many crimes have minimum mandatory sentences.Cases ranging from the amount of controlled substances to the amounts of money for damages dictate these minimum mandatory sentences. Please contact us immediately at 813-281-2897 and we can represent you on your federal criminal charges. As former prosecutors we know how to handle every step of your case. We offer free consultations and payment plans. Please contact an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer today at 813-281-2897.

If you are charged with a federal criminal charge please contact an experienced group of federal criminal lawyers.At Taracks & Associates we can help you build your defense. Call us and we can discuss possible defenses such as whether or not you were read your Miranda rights, the validity of searches, quashing of subpoenas for medical and business records, and the accuracy of your federal guidelines. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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