Florida Woman has Sex with Dog

A woman in Florida has admitted to taking selfies as she had sex with her dog, according to police. Eighteen-year-old Ashley Miller was charged with two counts of sexual activities involving animals after Bradenton investigators found the graphic photos on her cell phone.

2-face, her Pitbull, was coerced into licking Miller in a manner similar to that of oral sex, between 30 and 40 times over the past five years. Along with this, she has admitted to coercing her previous dog of doing the same thin prior to this. Whenever Miller wanted to have sex with the dog, she claims that she would lock herself in a bedroom with the dog, letting the dog “put her snout into her vagina on her own” without Miller forcing her into the act.

During two of the oral sex incidents, Miller took photos of the dog licking her vagina. Cops discovered the canine porn in two hidden folders on Miller’s phone, one titled “2-face fun” and another titled “Me.”

According to vets that checked out 2-face, the dog showed “no signs of injury.”

Ashley Miller is scheduled for arraignment next month.

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