Lately our firm has seen an increase in client being charged with Failure to Redeliver Hired or Leased Personal Property under Florida Statute 812.155. Under that law, a person who has leased or rented property can be charged criminally for failure to return an item on time. Often times, this occurs when someone has missed a lease payment on a big ticket item like a television, rims, large appliance or piece of furniture.

If the value of the item is under $300, the person is charged with a misdemeanor. If the value is over $300, the offense is upgraded to a third degree felony, punishable by fines, court costs, and up to 5 years in prison!

If a client comes to us after being charged (or if he or she has an outstanding warrant for this charge) we can contact the State Attorney’s Office and attempt to work out a resolution to help the client avoid a felony conviction on his or her record. Typically, we see people charged with this after a misunderstanding – a missed payment or a misunderstanding under the contract.

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