DUI Checkpoint Apps Stir Controversy

Blackberry manufacturer RIM has pulled DUI checkpoint apps from Blackberry’s App World store. This comes after requests from United States Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Frank Laurenberg, and Mark Udall that app store manufacturers at Apple and RIM remove such apps from their marketplaces.

As of March, 2011, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office still has a policy of informing the public where and when DUI Checkpoints will be. In fact, HCSO has reported that tonight, March 24, 2011, HCSO will conduct “saturated” DUI patrol in Southern Hillsborough County. Drivers should be prepared for increased DUI patrol in this area. However, there will be no physical checkpoint tonight.

As long as local law enforcement agencies are providing this information to the public, the law firm of Taracks & Associates will keep you informed as to where and when these locations will be. Bookmark our blog and check back often for information as to where these checkpoints will be. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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