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In the days leading up to Super Bowl LV in Tampa, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was carrying out “Operation Game Over.” From Monday, February 1st through Saturday, February 6th, undercover detectives investigated physical establishments – such as massage parlors – and online chatrooms known to promote illicit sexual activity.

Operation Game Over led to 75 arrests, with individuals being accused of offenses involving buying or selling sex.

Below is a breakdown of the results of the investigation:

  • 32 arrests were made in hotels and motels
  • 27 arrests occurred along the highway
  • 8 arrests were made in massage parlors
  • 8 arrests were made for internet sex crimes

Three men have been charged with sex trafficking. Five others have been accused of traveling to meet a minor with the intent of having sex, a felony.

This is the second set of arrests law enforcement officials have made in the last 60 days. Between both operations, around 140 people have been arrested.

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