Clermont Sex Sting

Thirty-two men were arrested in a sex sting based out of Clermont earlier this week. Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies posed as children in various chatrooms where they pretended to want to have sex with adults. The suspects allegedly brought condoms, lubricant, candy, and alcohol to meet with the children.

These sex stings are becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement agencies in Florida. Dozens of suspects are arrested at a time – often times suspects get “cold feet” and drive away before entering the home but are still arrested and charged with a crime! It is important for a suspect in a case like this to obtain legal counsel early on as these cases get media attention and carry harsh penalties, including thousands in fines, years in prison, and mandatory sex offender registration.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, call a lawyer at Taracks & Associates today. Our legal team has three former prosecutors on staff who know how the State will build its case against you. Our team will look to attack the State’s case and will try to have the charges against you reduced, preventing serious legal consequences, or dismissed altogether. Act now – a consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers is always free of charge. Call us at 813-281-2897. Out staff has been involved with several high-profile criminal cases and knows how to handle the charges and media attention that will now be a part of your life.

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