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According to Florida Statute 322.03, “person may not operate a motorcycle unless he or she holds a driver’s license that authorizes such operation, subject to the appropriate restrictions and endorsements.” This means you must obtain the proper license/endorsement prior to taking your new bike for a spin.

If you are stopped, you will be issued a citation that will require you to set a court date within ten (10) days. What many people do not realize is that this is a misdemeanor criminal offense. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your record clean. At Taracks & Associates we have four experienced attorneys on staff who know the law and how to prevent you from being convicted of this crime. We will work with you to take measures to keep your record clean and expunge/seal your record afterwards if possible. Call us today at 813-281-2897 for a free consultation. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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