Traveling to Meet a Minor Case Law Update

At Taracks & Associates, we handle a wide variety of criminal defense cases, including cases that some firms might not handle because of the serious nature of the allegations. This includes sex crimes such as traveling to meet a minor, where a defendant is accused of traveling to meet a minor for sexual intercourse, typically after being baited into doing so by an undercover police officer online.

Because we handle so many of these cases, our firm is dedicated to staying on top of changes and updates to the traveling to meet a minor law. Recently, a case came down that indicates that a defendant cannot be convicted for traveling to meet a minor AND solicitation stemming out of the same incident, as that would violate double jeopardy since the soliciting offense is subsumed by the traveling offense.

What does this mean? If a defendant is charged with both crimes stemming from one single incident, he or she can only be convicted of one, not both.

We will continue to keep you posted in changes to this law. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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