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Racing on the highway, or “street racing” as it is often called, is a misdemeanor criminal traffic offense governed by Florida law. Racing can involve any number of different types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and SUV’s. A conviction for street racing carries considerable penalties, including suspension of your Florida driver license and increased insurance premiums. In some instances, a driver convicted of racing on the highway may face fines and jail time. We recently sat down with Tampa criminal defense lawyer Tav Gomez to discuss street racing and what you should do if you have been cited for this criminal offense.

“A first time ticket for street racing may result in a $1000 fine and up to 12 months in county jail.” Gomez began. “A second offense can bring similar penalties, but may also include the impoundment of your vehicle and a revocation of your driver license for up to two years. Third and subsequent offenses will result in the forfeiture of your car or bike on top of fines and jail time.”

So what can you do if you have been cited for racing? “If you were recently charged with a highway racing offense, it is important that you call Tampa traffic offenses lawyer today who can provide you with legal help in your case and ensure your rights are protected. Our firm has three former prosecutors on staff who know how the State will build its case against you. It is important to realize that the statutes regarding street racing are somewhat vague, so it can be difficult for the State to prove you actually committed this offense. Additionally, the definition of the term ‘race’ in those statutes is equally as vague, leaving it up to cops to determine whether or not you are guilty. Because of this, mistakes on the part of the law enforcement officer who cited you may have been made during the arrest, or your rights may have been violated at some point as well.”

“An experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney can help you resolve this matter and will use the discrepancies in the law to your benefit. The lawyers at Taracks & Associates are all well-versed in all traffic offense cases, and we can provide aggressive legal representation to you. Contact our firm today for a free consultation at 813-281-2897. We will begin by investigating the charges against you and will fight to have those charges reduced or dropped completely.”

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