Attorney Barry Taracks Wins DUI Case on Motion to Suppress

Tampa DUI attorney Barry Taracks, senior partner at the law firm of Taracks & Associates, helped a client beat a DUI yesterday by filing a motion to suppress that resulted in the case being dismissed.

The facts of the case were messy: The driver, a young woman with one prior DUI, was attempting to drive to Pinellas County from Tampa when she pulled onto the grounds of MacDill Air Force Base. There, she showed the gate guard her Sun Pass, thinking the gate was the entrance to the Sun Shine Skyway. The gate guard called Tampa PD, who subsequently arrived on scene and arrested the driver for DUI. She subsequently blew a .18. The State refused to reduce the charges and the driver was facing enhanced penalties.

Mr. Taracks attacked the basis for the stop and the detention by the gate guard. At a hearing, the motion was granted and Judge Courtney then granted Mr. Taracks’ oral motion to dismiss. The result: the case was over and the driver faced no penalties!

“It just goes to show you that you have to be creative in these cases” says Mr. Taracks. “By taking the time to really dig deep into the facts of this case, I was able to attack the legality of the stop and help my client obtain a favorable result.”

Mr. Taracks founded the law firm of Taracks & Associates over 20 years ago. The firm now has four attorneys on staff, including three former prosecutors. Mr. Taracks can be reached at 813-281-2897.

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