St. Pete Police Add New DUI Vehicle

The St. Pete police department has added a new weapon in the battle against DUI: a brand new Chevy Tahoe decked out with all the equipment officers need to bust you for DUI, including a breath testing machine. This is an important development as prior to this, officer would have to transport you to a breath test facility to get a sample. Now, police say they can get your BAC right at the scene.

Essentially, the big development here is that there is no wait time between arrest and your breath sample. That way, there is little dispute as to what your BAC was at the time of driving. Alcohol is absorbed in a manner that resembles a bell curve, with alcohol being absorbed well after your last drink. The result is that, your maximum BAC is not reached until long after you leave a bar and begin driving. The result is that, if it took two hours to obtain a breath sample from you, it was difficult to tell what your BAC likely was at the time of driving. Now, police believe they will be able to show that evidence more clearly, in an effort to make more DUI arrests “stick.”

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