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Sales Tax Fraud in Florida - Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

In the state of Florida, it is against the for a business owner to collect state sales tax and fail to remit it to the state. Essentially, when someone operating a business in Florida collects sales tax on transactions, that business owner is acting as an agent on behalf of the state. Withholding sales tax from the state or failing to remit sales tax to the state is a criminal offense. According to Florida State Statute 212.15, failure to remit sales tax is a punishable criminal offense, potentially carrying a first degree felony charge. We understand that there are many circumstances that could cause a business owner to fail in remitting sales tax to the state, or to commit sales tax fraud in that manner, like economic downturn for instance. Every case is different in its composition, and we know that every outcome will be different according to the details of the case.

Sales tax fraud is a facet of law that is often overlooked by many attorneys in Florida. Our team of attorneys are highly trained in cases that include sales tax fraud, all of whom are former State Prosecutors with the skills necessary to provide the highest quality of legal care. We understand what it takes to assist you in sales tax fraud and related matters, including the possibility of avoiding criminal charges and finding alternative solutions to the case, such as early intervention by our firm on behalf of the defendant. Early intervention includes but is not limited to working out repayment plans, informal diversion programs, and working with the investigators to reach an amicable resolution. Our arsenal of tools, including payment plans, are here to serve you in all sales tax fraud cases. Contact us today to get your business back on track and create a solution for any sales tax fraud matters.