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TGR Attorney Zach Armocida Gets DUI DISMISSED!

This past week, Attorney Zach Armocida of Taracks & Associates argued a motion in front of Judge Conrad in Tampa, which resulted in his client's DUI being completely dismissed.

Our client, a construction worker, was arrested after a night out at a popular restaurant in the South Howard bar district. A security officer witnessed a driver crash into a car. Police were called and officers responded to the crash. The bar was crowded but Officers started talking to our client, who was the person the security guard pointed out. Police noticed different cues of impairment regarding our client, which resulted in a DUI investigation. Our client was then arrested and charged with DUI.

After reviewing the case, Zach filed a motion to suppress. At the hearing, we were able to establish the State did not have enough evidence to go forward with the case and that Officers didn't have enough probable cause to arrest the defendant for DUI. The judge agreed and granted the motion, which resulted in the case being completely dismissed.

According to Zach, "This just goes to show you that it really is possible to build a defense in a DUI case, even in a case where it seems like the odds are against you. I know my client probably felt hopeless when we first met, based on the fact that there was an accident and a witness to the crash. But my experience as a prosecutor taught me that there are a lot of technicalities in these cases and it's important to explore every option."

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