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Father and His Two Sons Busted for DUI at One Traffic Stop!

There are dumb criminals, and then there are these guys.

In Fletcher, Vermont, a Father and his two boys were all busted for DUI at one crime scene. On Saturday police responded to a traffic crash involving one vehicle. The operator was Josh Woodward, 22, of Fairfax Vermont.

Police realized his license was suspended and believed him to be impaired. They had Josh submit to a breath test and it turned out he was 3 times the legal limit.While on scene still, Josh's brother, Nicholas, 19, also of Fairfax, pulled up to check on his brother. Police believed he was under the influence and busted him for DUI just two weeks after he was busted for his first DUI.

Finally, Brian Woodward, the father of the two men, arrived on scene to check on his boys and - you guessed it - he was arrested and charged with DUI as well! The result - three men, members of the same family, all arrseted for DUI at one scene in one night. The men will all face court hearings within the next month.