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VOP - Violation of Probation Lawyer in Tampa

Have you or a loved one violated probation recently? Do you anticipate violating probation? If so, you need to call an experienced Tampa VOP (Violation of Probation) lawyer immediately. If your Felony probation is in Hillsborough and you have committed a technical violation, an experienced attorney can typically have you appear before the Judge within 24 hours.

So what exactly are technical violations? Technical violations include dirty urine samples, failure to submit a urine sample, curfew violations, use of intoxicating substances, failure to complete community service, a new misdemeanor charge, or violations of any "special conditions" you may have been assigned. If you were charged with a new felony, you will have to see your original Judge.

Call an experienced Tampa VOP attorney today to avoid spending days or weeks in jail. An experienced Tampa VOP lawyer will be able to expedite the process and get you back on the streets as soon as possible. Whatever you do, DO NOT stop going to probation if you think you have violated.

The law firm of Taracks & Associates has three former state prosecutors on staff who have handled thousands of VOP's in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and all surrounding counties. Call us today for a free consultation - 813-281-2897. Taracks & Associates - The Advocate For You.