Highway / Street Racing – 30 Day Vehicle Impound

Did you know that if you are arrested for street racing (AKA highway racing) the police can impound your car for up to 30 days? This is just one of the many penalties associated with this crime, which is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Florida. Other first-time offense penalties include an automatic one-year license suspension, fines, court costs, and the possibility of jail time (though most first-time offenders will not likely face a jail sentence.)

What can you do to beat this charge? Obviously, it is imperative that you aggressively fight to avoid a conviction to 1) avoid losing your license and 2) avoid having a criminal charge on your record. At Taracks & Associates we have over 40 years of combined experience fighting traffic related charges, including highway racing. Call us today at 813-281-2897 for a free consultation. We will work to help you avoid a conviction for highway racing and keep your license. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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