Florida’s Traveling to Meet a Minor for Unlawful Sex Law

This weekend, over 38 people were arrested in a Polk County sex sting now known as Operation Cyber Child. During this investigation, detectives posed as children or the parents of children and had men respond to ads online. The men then allegedly traveled to meet the “children,” where they were arrested for traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sex, amongst other crimes.

Under Florida Statute 847.0135, the crime of Traveling to Meet a Minor occurs when a person:

1. Uses an online service, internet service, or electronic device to seduce, solicit, lure, or entice a person believed to be a minor child to engage in an unlawful sexual conduct; and also

2. Travels any distance within Florida, from Florida, or to Florida for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct with the child.

In Florida. the crime of Traveling to Meet a Minor for Unlawful Sex is classified as a second degree felony offense and is classified as a Level 7 severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, which is used to help Judges and Prosecutors determine what prison sentence is appropriate. If one is convicted of Traveling to Meet a Minor, the Court can impose up to fifteen (15) years in prison; up to fifteen (15) years of sex offender probation; and up to a $10,000 fine plus court costs.

When charged with a crime of this nature, everything is on the line. Your reputation has been smeared and you are facing termination from your job. You are likely out on bond and are facing very serious charges as well as a lengthy prison sentence. At Taracks & Associates we have three former prosecutors on staff who know the law and have the experience necessary to help you fight these allegations. This year alone we have handled several high-profile sex crime cases, including a traveling to meet a minor case that made the local news. In that case, our legal team was able to help our client avoid a conviction altogether by raising several potential defenses to the State Attorney’s Office. Our client ended up avoiding a conviction altogether and did no prison time.

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