Florida Solicitation of Prostitution Lawyer

Have you been arrested and charged with Solicitation of Prostitution?

The act of “soliciting,” or simply asking, an individual to engage in prostitution (or a sex act for money) is an unlawful act in Florida. Under Florida Statute796.07(2)(i), the exchange of money for sexual favors is not necessary to secure a conviction for solicitation. On the same note, it is not required that a sexual act actually be performed. The simple offer to exchange money for “the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity” is enough to obtain a conviction. This makes solicitation of prostitution a very commonly charged crime – and one that is frowned upon greatly by society.

What happens if you are convicted of Solicitation of Prostitution?

Solicitation of prostitution is a first degree misdemeanor criminal offense, meaning it is punishable by a $1000 fine and up to 12 months in jail. Along with the standard fines, court costs, and jail time, you may also be subject to mandatory screening for STD’s, public announcement in the paper or on public access television, and an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Additionally, the police may choose to seize your vehicle if it was used in the commission of the crime.

What should I do if I am charged with Solicitation of Prostitution?

Having an experienced attorney by your side through this matter can greatly impact the outcome of your case. At Taracks & Associates, our five lawyers have a combined 45 years of experience dealing with crimes of this nature.

First, we attack every case at the intake stage. When you are charged with a crime in Florida, an “intake attorney” with the State Attorney’s Office first must evaluate the charge against you and determine whether or not the State should proceed. We will evaluate your case and the possible defenses and will fight aggressively to get your case “no filed” or reduced to a different offense.

Second, we will immediately call the police and begin working on the return of your vehicle if it has been seized. Often times we can negotiate to have the car returned to you or negotiate a reduced fee. We know you need your car to maintain your livelihood and will work to get it back for you as soon as possible.

Third, if charges are formally filed, we will fight to have the charges against you dismissed through technical or procedural means, or look to work out a plea negotiation with the State to help you obtain a “withhold of adjudication”, meaning no conviction. Alternatively, we may be able to negotiate with the State to have you admitted to an intervention program whereby the charge will be dismissed if you agree to certain terms and conditions. We may also be able to help you avoid ever making a court appearance.

Finally, we will work to have your records sealed and mug shot taken off of the internet, including third party websites.

Call us today for a free, confidential consultation. We know that this is one of the toughest times of your life. One of the experienced lawyers with our firm will meet with you and help you to understand the penalties you are facing and what we can do to help. Call us at 813-281-2897 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Taracks & Associates – The Advocate For You.

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