FDLE Fires Employee in Charge of Breath Testing After Contradictory Testimony Given

Florida Department of Law Enforcement is the agency responsible for ensuring that breath testing across the state is uniform and administered in a reliable, accurate manner. However there appears to be unrest within the agency – recently, Laura Barfield, the person in charge of running the Alcohol Testing Program – was let go under suspicious circumstances.

Ms. Barfield’s firing comes after she has been under intense scrutiny for providing testimony – under oath – about the Intoxilyzer machine used for breath testing across the state that appeared to have contradicted not only her previous stance on the machine, but the FDLE handbook as well. Last year, Barfield testified that the “breath volume” measure the machine takes is irrelevant to accuracy of test results. This contradicts her position from 2005 where she stated that the samples obtained through low breath volumes were inaccurate.

Our office has filed a public records request with regards to the firing of Ms. Barfield. Under Florida law, we should be entitled to records surrounding her termination. Our goal is to get to the bottom of why Ms. Barfield was let go, and determine whether or not FDLE truly knew that breath volume had an impact on the accuracy of the DUI breath test results thousands have been forced to submit to. We will keep you posted on what we receive.

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