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Traffic Ticket Penalties in Florida

There are two basic types of traffic tickets, infractions and violations. An infraction isn’t considered a crime and usually just has a fine. Most traffic tickets issued are infractions. It is not considered a crime and you can’t be jailed or have a jury trial. No points are put on your driving record. Things like parking tickets or parking in a handicap space without authorization are infractions.

The more serious type of ticket is a violation and is usually considered a crime. They range from misdemeanors to felonies and the penalties become much more severe. They require a bail payment and give you the right to appear in court and have an Tampa traffic ticket attorney to represent you. The penalties increase to paying much heavier fines, getting points on your driving record, increased insurance rates, attending traffic school, having your license suspended and, in the case of repeated offenses, jail time.

Get Help Handling Your Traffic Tickets in Tampa

When you get a traffic ticket, just paying the fine does not protect your driving record or prevent your insurance rates from going up. You can take the time to contest a ticket you feel isn’t fair, but without expert advice or legal representation, there’s no guarantee you will win. To ensure you do have a fair chance and to understand all your legal rights, the best thing to do is to contact a Tampa traffic ticket lawyer at the offices of Taracks & Associates. The Tampa traffic ticket attorney from our criminal defense firm is experienced and knowledgeable in the Florida Vehicle Code and we will review all the circumstances surrounding your ticket and advise you on your rights and the proper legal measures to follow.

When you get a moving violation, reckless driving or speeding ticket, besides the fine assessed, you can also get points against your driving record and be ordered to attend traffic school. Get enough tickets or a serious enough one and you could even have your driver’s license suspended or revoked. It just makes sense to find an aggressive and experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Tampa to represent you, because it may be possible to get the ticket dismissed or at least get a reduction of your fine with no points or traffic school. Each case is different, but having the best legal representation you can find gives you the ability to protect your rights and eliminate unnecessary penalties or fines.

Representation for Your Traffic Tickets in FL

While you can appeal any traffic ticket, if it is only an infraction, the only penalty you face is a fine. On any other type of traffic ticket, you should never just pay the fine because then you are admitting your guilt. It is important that you speak to an experienced Tampa traffic ticket lawyer at our offices before you make any statements to an officer or admit guilt by paying the fine. There is no reason to suffer higher insurance costs and damage your driving record when you don’t need to.

To avoid your insurance premiums going up, an arrest warrant or having your license suspended or revoked, you should get the help our office can provide. We will review your current citation along with all the circumstances surrounding it. Let our legal team help you take the most effective steps to handle your traffic tickets properly.

If you get any traffic or speeding ticket you should contact a Tampa Traffic Tickets Attorney at (813) 990-0599 today. Find out what we can do to address, reduce or dismiss your ticket.

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