False Accusations of Domestic Violence in Florida

Your Future is Too Important to Risk

False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can have a devastating effect on the victim’s life. It can cause severe emotional damage, in addition to the risk of major injuries and even death. Victims of domestic violence often feel trapped in a relationship by threats of violence if they try to leave, and are forced to continue suffering spousal abuse or sexual abuse. To protect victims, the state has enacted tough laws against domestic violence, and police officers are quick to respond to calls they receive on the matter. Unfortunately, this often makes it easy to level false allegations of domestic violence, which can be exceedingly difficult to defend.

Are You the Victim of False Accusations?

If you have been wrongfully accused of committing any type of domestic abuse, it is vital that you take action now to fight the charges. Simply trying to explain your side of the story to the police could only make the situation worse-they already believe you are guilty, and will use what you say to add to the evidence against you. Hiring a Tampa criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights and fight to clear your name is the most important thing you can do at this stage in the case. Come to Taracks & Associates, where we have over 30 years of experience and offer free consultations to discuss the charges and educate you about your rights.

What to Do if Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

False domestic violence accusations are common in circumstances where the alleged victim is attempting to retaliate against a spouse or significant other for some situation such as infidelity or intentions to end the relationship. They are also known to occur during a divorce, when one parent levels allegations of child abuse or child endangerment in an attempt to gain the upper hand in a custody battle. We will carefully investigate the evidence and any witness testimony to find weaknesses and inconsistencies in the charges and will fight aggressively to defend your name.

If you have been falsely accused and want hard hitting legal representation to help you clear your name, contact a Tampa domestic violence attorney from our firm today at (813) 281-2897.

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