2013 Gasparilla Arrests: Parade Rules and Info

Gasparilla is one of the largest events held in Tampa Bay each year. With over 300,000 people expected at the parade, it is an unfortunate reality that there will be dozens – if not hundreds – of arrests made.

At Taracks & Associates, we are a full service criminal defense firm representing people on charges ranging from DUI to Underage Drinking to Possession of Marijuana. We know that far too often, people head to Gasparilla intent on “partying” and breaking the rules. When this happens, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side to help you avoid a conviction and keep your record clean.

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DUI: There will be Tampa PD and HCSO Deputies on patrol throughout the parade and day looking for impared drivers. They will be looking for the telltale signs of bloodshot eyes, odor of alcohol on a driver’s breath, and weaving/swerving while driving. Drivers should make sure to use a designated driver at all times.

Underage Drinking: There will be undercover cops all over the parade looking for underage drinkers. They will be surprising younger looking drinkers by approaching in plain clothes then asking for ID. If you are charged with this crime, you will face a misdemeanor criminal offense and will be required to appear in court. An attorney from our firm can appear on your behalf so you don’t miss class or work. We can work with the State Attorney’s Office to seek a dismissal of the charges against you if we act early in your case.

Disorderly Conduct: This charge is very common at the parade. Many people drink too much, and the large crowds lead to altercations between parade-goers and police alike.

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