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Many people who are charged with theft crimes are not actually guilty of theft. Such persons should not have to endure harsh penalties and attacks by the prosecution. In such a case, ensure you are represented by a highly skilled Tampa criminal defense attorney. The punishment for many theft crimes can include lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines. You will also have a permanent mark listed on your criminal record which will be visible to potential employers, landlords, and anyone else who wishes to see it. The unfortunate aspect of this is that many employers will not hire anyone who has a criminal record, especially when it is involving theft. Would you want to hire someone who has been convicted of stealing? That is why it is so important to hire the proper defense. Our firm understands that all people who are charged with theft are not criminals. In many cases, the individual has no prior criminal record and will never again commit another crime. If you are interested in quality defense and a greatly improved chance of avoiding unnecessary penalties, speak with an attorney from our firm today.

Types of Theft Offenses

The following types of crimes are considered theft crimes and may be prosecuted as misdemeanors or felonies:

Burglary is the crime of entering a building or other structure with the intent to commit a crime. To be convicted of this crime, the prosecution must prove that the defendant intended to commit a crime when entering the structure. Typically, this crime is theft.

This crime involves using force or threatening to take a vehicle while occupants are inside. This is a type of violent crime as well as a crime of theft. It is different than the crime of grand theft auto.

This is typically charged as a felony offense. It involves using force or threatening to take away someone's properly. Like carjacking, it is considered a violent crime as well as a crime of theft.

Typically, shoplifting is charged as a misdemeanor because it involves petty theft, but taking items from a retail establishment that are very expensive or considered a deadly weapon could constitute a felony offense.

Grand Theft
All states differ when it comes to drawing the line between grand theft and petty theft. In the state of Florida, grand theft is theft of items or an object that amounts to $300 or more.

Petty Theft
In Florida, petty theft is theft of an item or items that amounts to less than $300 in most cases. If the theft involves stealing a firearm or other type of deadly weapon, or the theft involves violence or threatening, it may be charged as a felony.

In addition to penalties such as fines and jail time, you may be denied certain professional certification which could prove costly to your line of work. It is not uncommon to find clients who were accused of shoplifting that actually had no intent to steal and were merely removing merchandise from a store on accident or due to oversight. Our attorneys can often greatly reduce or dismiss charges of theft in such cases. Contact a Tampa theft crime attorney from our firm today so that your case can be reviewed.

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