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Republican National Convention in Tampa

Anticipated Criminal Trials

This year, the United States Republican National Convention (RNC) is taking place in Tampa, Florida August 27th- 30th. Although an official list of speakers has not been released, sources indicate that John McCain, Rick Scott, Mike Huckabee, Ronald Paul and numerous other politicians will speak at the convention. The city expects the convention to disrupt downtown Tampa in a variety of ways - not only will the demand for rental cars and hotel rooms increase, but local officials are afraid that riots, vandalism, arson and other criminal activity may ensue.

Additionally, the city plans to cancel all trials the week of the convention. Why? Officials are concerned that juror swill not be able to more in and out of the city effectively. Not only this, but the city anticipates a large number of trials for arrested vandals, arsonists and protestors following the RNC. Tampa courts plan to enlist the help of on-call judges if the number of criminal trials becomes overwhelming. Police are still deciding how they want to manage protestors. Specifically, police are concerned that protestors will attempt to vandalize the elevated crosswalk constructed between two court buildings in downtown Tampa.

Taracks Gomez & Rickman

"We have to have some security," the county fire chief said earlier this year, "because there are groups out there who want to disrupt the convention. One of the things they like to do is break glass...It's said, but that is their goal." At Taracks Gomez & Rickman, we are preparing for the RNC, too. With the anticipation of vandalism, rioting and arson, police will probably be making a multitude of arrests related to the convention. If you are accused of participating in illegal activity related to the RNC - such as vandalism or arson - rest assured that the lawyers at are firm are ready to stand up for your rights.

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