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Were you charged with a moving violation?

The crime of hit and run is defined as fleeing the scene of an accident or collision without identifying oneself or taking expected and reasonable actions to render help if needed. Under Florida law this means that a person must remain at the accident and provide identification, which includes vehicle registration and a Drivers License, if requested. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor and can carry penalties above and beyond restitution. However if any bodily injury has taken place then all possible help and assistance must be given including, but not limited to, transport for medical assistance or hospital care.

Possible Prison Time for Leaving the Scene

A hit and run which involves physical injury or death is a very serious crime in Florida. If you have been caught fleeing the scene of an accident where someone suffered injury or even died then it is no longer a misdemeanor but can become as severe as a 1st degree felony. Should the crime also involve a DUI charge then the penalties are compounded. A hit and run of this degree can easily lead to significant periods in prison and cannot be treated lightly. Every aspect of the case and defense needs to be advised upon by a Tampa criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity.

The maximum penalty for a hit and run involving injury or death can include a prison term of up to 30 years, revocation of your license and thousands of dollars in fines.This is a serious crime and far beyond a simple traffic offense. The attorney team at Taracks Gomez & Rickman is well versed in defending individuals against tough traffic offenses such as a hit and run, even when injury, death or a DUI are factors.

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