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Tampa Drug Crime Attorney

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Tampa Drug Crime Attorney Anthony Rickman When facing accusations related to drug offenses, it is important that you act quickly and retain the services of a skilled Tampa criminal defense lawyer. Our state has very severe penalties for drug offenses and you can be certain that the prosecutor in the case will be seeking to convict you. They have enough evidence that they feel that can; you need an attorney that will fight for your side.

Our legal team is exceptionally qualified to defend you in court. We are experienced and skilled former prosecutors and have a thorough understanding and insight into the workings of the criminal system with regard to drug crime cases. Let us help create a defense strategy custom to your needs at this time.

Why are clients choosing Taracks & Associates?

  • Free and confidential consultations
  • Former prosecutors who know both sides of the story
  • More than 50 years of combined experience
  • Proven track record in fighting drug crime charges

Fight your drug crime with one of Tampa’s top defense firms! Call (888) 874-2911 and request your FREE CASE CONSULTATION.

Former Prosecutors Now Fighting for You

Knowing both sides allows the attorney fighting for you to operate within the system capably and make the right moves. The first step is to thoroughly analyze every aspect of the evidence that has been obtained against you. There are an astonishing number of errors in police procedure, including failure to have "probable cause" in the police stop, or overstepping the bounds in searching you or your premises without a warrant.

Drug crime is an umbrella term that can refer to a number of moderate and serious offenses. In Florida, drug crimes include:

It is vital that you have a dedicated attorney fighting every aspect of the prosecutor’s case against you, and our legal team is prepared to aggressively challenge any point of evidence that is flawed or was illegally gained.

Taracks & Associates: Defending You Against Drug Charges

Even a minor marijuana charge can cause serious difficulties for you if convicted; your criminal record can affect your future employment and reputation. If you are arrested again in the future, you will be considered a “repeat offender” and may face more severe penalties. Any drug offense is dangerous and your actions immediately after the arrest are crucial.

Contacting our firm and getting legal counsel to protect your rights can significantly increase the possibility of a favorable outcome in your case, whether a dismissed charge, reduced charge, not guilty verdict or alternative sentencing. It is vital that you do not answer any questions until your attorney arrives to ensure your rights are protected.

Call Taracks & Associates at (888) 874-2911 today. We are here to listen to your side of the story.