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In the time immediately following a criminal charge of any kind, it is absolutely imperative that you do not hesitate to take the necessary steps to protect your future against those that would seek to damage it. Although legally you are considered to be innocent until proven guilty, if you are facing a criminal charge, you will find that there are those that would not afford you this courtesy. Overzealous law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges will have the predisposition to believe that you have committed the crime before you have stated your case - you will need to be confident that you are being represented by an aggressive Tampa criminal defense lawyer that has the knowledge necessary to fully protect you against your charges. See below to learn more:

If you have been convicted of a crime, you can take appeal your case at a higher court. Most attorneys do not take on appeal cases as they can be lengthy and complex. However, our legal team understands that many people are falsely accused of crimes and we will do our utmost to help you. Read more on appeals.

Arson is a felony crime that involves setting fire to your property or the property of another. A conviction of first-degree arson can result in a $10,000 fine and up to thirty years in prison. As there is the possibility of injury when a fire is started, the justice system takes these cases very seriously. Read more on arson.

Assault & Battery
Assault refers to a threat of violence against another person. Battery is the actual carrying out of this violence. Sometimes assault and battery will be accompanied by another crime such as robbery or mugging. Read more on assault & battery.

Burglary is breaking and entering into another's property with the intention of robbery or another crime. If convicted, you may be required to pay restitution for what was stolen, serve a prison sentence, or pay fines. Read more on burglary.

In the state of Florida, carjacking incidents have been on the rise, especially towards tourists. If any threats or physical force was used to take the car, the penalties will be even more severe. If you or a loved one has been accused of carjacking, contact a Tampa criminal defense attorney from our team as soon as possible. Read more on carjacking.

Counterfeiting can include the production or possession or forged or false goods, documents, and identifications. It can also include money, clothing, DVDs, games, and more. The penalties for counterfeiting vary depending on the factors in the case. Read more on counterfeiting.

Credit Card Fraud
Most credit card fraud cases are charged as federal crimes. As banking institutions are defrauded, a special task force has been created to fight against these white collar crimes. If you have been accused of credit card fraud, please call our firm today so we can review your case and the evidence against you. Read more on credit card fraud.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is any type of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse towards a member of one's household. This can also extend to family members or dating partners who do not live in the same house. As many individuals are falsely accused of domestic violence, it is important to consult with a lawyer who has experience in such cases. Read more on domestic violence.

Drug Crimes
Possession, possession with intent, trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution are all examples of drug crimes. This can refer to illegal drugs as well as prescription drug abuse. As drug crimes are a major issue in Florida, law enforcement is very harsh when dealing with suspected violations. Read more on drug crimes.

When an individual chooses to drink and drive, the possibility of causing an accident is greatly increased. In Florida, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or above. If a law enforcement officer pulls you over for suspected drunk driving, you could be given a breath test or a field sobriety test. Read more on DUI.

Embezzlement is a white collar crime that usually has to do with individuals in a place of trust stealing funds or information. It is usually a more complicated situation than other theft crimes. If you have been accused of embezzlement, it is highly recommended that you consult with a Tampa criminal defense attorney before taking any other step. Read more on embezzlement.

If you have made a mistake in your past and wish to get it removed from your permanent record, you can file for an expungement. Not everyone qualifies for this option, but with a strong legal representative on your side, your chances are greatly increased. Read more on expungement.

Federal Crimes
If you have committed a crime that involved crossing state lines or country borders, it could be treated as a federal crime. These are investigated by agencies like the FBI, IRS, or DEA and prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's office. As they have more resources and man power than state or local authorities, you need a strong legal representative to defend you. Read more on federal crimes.

There are numerous different types of fraud, each with different penalties. If you have been accused of credit card fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, or tax fraud, a member of our legal team could fight to defend you. Read more on fraud.

Hit & Run
A hit and run involves fleeing the scene of an accident without exchanging information with the other individual involved in the accident. If an injury or death took place, the consequences will be even more severe. Read more on hit & run.

Identity theft
Florida ranks in the top three states for the most cases of identity thefts. As this is not a violent crime, it is classified as a white collar crime. Although it is sometimes classified as a misdemeanor, felony charges are very common. Read more on identity theft.

Internet Sex Crimes
Internet sex crimes includes possession of child pornography, purchasing child pornography, advertising for prostitution, and soliciting a minor. All of these crimes lead to jail time and being required to register as a sex offender. Read more on internet sex crimes.

Holding an individual against their will or taking them by force is kidnapping. If the victim was under thirteen years old, the penalties are greatly increased. Sometimes in child custody situations, one parent accuses the other of kidnapping. If you have been falsely accused of kidnapping, talk to a member of our legal team. Read mroe on kidnapping.

Voluntary manslaughter refers to an intended action that results in death. Involuntary manslaughter refers to unintended actions that lead to death. Vehicular manslaughter is another form of homicide. If it is coupled with a crime like DUI or reckless driving, it could be treated as first degree felony. Read more on manslaughter.

Money Laundering
Money laundering refers to illegal activities being covered up by a legitimate enterprise. Money laundering carries severe penalties and is usually treated as a federal crime. In order to avoid prison and huge fines, contact an attorney from our firm as soon as possible. Read more on money laundering.

Murder is a form of homicide that must include malice aforethought. The difference between first degree murder and second degree murder is whether premeditated malice was a part of the crime. There is nothing more serious than being accused of murder. By speaking with an attorney from our team, we could get your charges reduced or even dropped. Read more on murder.

Probation Violations
Probation is usually given as a sentence instead of spending time in jail. If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation, you could be forced to spend the remainder of your probation time in jail. Read more on probation violations.

Any sexual intercourse that is forced upon an individual by violence or threats is considered rape. If you have been convicted of rape, you could be facing jail time as well as having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Read more on rape.

If you have been accused or armed robbery, aggravated robbery, or simple robbery, it is important to meet with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Robbery can involve very harsh penalties, especially if there was any injury or firearm involved. Read more on robbery.

Sex Crimes
Sex crimes include rape, sex with a minor, sexual assault, prostitution, solicitation, child abuse, and date rape. Any sex crime requires the individual to permanently register as a sex offender. The penalties vary according to the severity of the crime. Read more on sex crimes.

Depending on the type of goods stolen as well as the quantity taken, you could be facing severe penalties. If this was your first offense, an attorney could help you get your charges and penalties reduced. Contact us today if you are facing shoplifting charges. Read more on shoplifting.

Theft Crimes
Burglary, robbery, grand theft, petty theft, grand theft auto, and embezzlement are all different examples of theft crimes. Not only could you be facing jail time and steep fines, but you could also find it more difficult to find a job later in life. Most employers look at an applicant's criminal record and you could be disqualified from the job if you have a theft crime in your past. Read more on theft crimes.

Traffic Offenses
Although traffic violations sound minor, they can lead to serious penalties. Losing driving privileges can severely hinder an individual's ability to work and take care of their family. If you have been accused of anything from a red light violation to a DUI to a hit and run, an attorney from our firm could help defend you. Read more on traffic offenses.

Violent Crimes
Murder, sexual assault, assault and battery, and robbery are all examples of violent crimes. Violent crime rates have risen in Tampa over recent years and the response of law enforcement has been to raise vigilance and crack down on enforcement. Read more on violent crimes.

White Collar Crimes
White collar crimes are nonviolent crimes that take usually take place in the business world. If you have been accused of fraud, swindling, bribery, money laundering, bad checks, or racketeering, our legal team has the skill and experience necessary to defend you. Read more on white collar crimes.

Criminal Defense in Tampa

At the Taracks Gomez & Rickman, our legal team has years of experience protecting our clients' rights from being violated in criminal cases. We are known for our legal prowess and knowledge and are able to assist whether the case takes place within or out of a courtroom. Backed up by a thorough knowledge of the law, and skilled courtroom talent, we have proven time and time again that we have what it takes to effectively help our clients when they are struggling with legal issues.

With exhaustive research, meticulous planning and an aggressive pursuit of the optimum outcome, you can be confident that will not be daunted by your situation. No matter the exact situation that you are facing, or how impossible that it may appear, we will only dig our heels in and work even harder. You can be confident working with us that we will do everything in our power to assist you.

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